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Benefits of Ketogenic Diets

Food is any solidity which yields the human body with significant amount of nourishment and nutrition for the functioning of the various works. Foodstuff contains large quantities of materials for the healthy working of the body and which supports the body to remain firm and steady. Nutrients are the store house of energy and helps in maintaining the metabolism of an organism. Food aids in stabilizing the mental as well as the physical aptness of a life form. It assists the body in building up of new and fresh cells, in constructing the bones athletic, in repairing of the damaged tissues, in providing stability to the body and the brain, etc.

Foods and Nourishment

Foods are of varied variety. Not all food stuffs are healthy and nutritive in nature. Certain food materials are only for the increment of taste of the human. The nutrient enriched eatables generally contain a fixed amount of certain nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, minerals, calcium, fats, fibers, water, etc. These nutrients play a vital role in the establishment of a stable organism. These have their own importance and a fixed quantity of each is required for the happy and healthy life style. Like calcium is required for healthy and strong bones and teeth, proteins are needed for the repairmen of damaged cells and also in the proper growth of the body, etc.

Healthy Balanced Diet and its Importance

A proper balanced diet is needed by all for a fit and stable mind and body. A balanced diet is one which comprises of perfect amount of all nutrients needed by an organism to remain guarded from diseases. If an organism does not have a proper intake of the nutritive food stuff then he can suffer from diseases like kwashiorkor, hemorrhage, malnutrition, mental disorders, etc.

A Medical Trend-Ketogenic Diet

Nowadays, the ketogenic diet is in trend for medicinal purposes. The ketogenic diet comprises of low amount of carbohydrates, high amount of fats and adequate amount of proteins. This diet is of medicinal use for the treatment of epilepsy in children. The epilepsy is a neurological disorder which is unfurling around the globe. There are several benefits of ketogenic diet and the usage of this has proved to be victorious especially in the case of children. This diet is generally used for the patients of Parkinson’s disease, brain cancer, nueotrauma, autism, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), etc.

Though there are enormous benefits of ketogenic diet but there are cons of this diet. The common side effects include constipation, low grade acidosis, etc. The long term use of this diet can be a source of bone fractures, kidney stones, slow and stunted growth in children. The intake of this diet can minimize the various substances required for a child’s growth.

Hence, it can be said that every good thing has certain bad quality. This is even true in case of a ketogenic diet. The benefits of ketogenic diet cannot be ignored but its intake should be limited that is its long term use should be avoided so as to away from its adverse effects.

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